RPG Apparel

  • Edward says:

    "The dice are really well made, they have exceeded my expectations, and the color system is genius."

  • Jon says:

    "One of the fastest ways at teaching new players and having them remember which dice to use."

  • Madeleine says:

    "Absolutely fantastic for new players at my table or being a spellcaster!!! I have two sets and love them!!!"

  • Thomas says:

    "The quality is wonderful. I am very pleased with this product. They have become my #1 set."

  • Tyler says:

    "Made playing a caster of any sort IMPOSSIBLY easier!"

  • Hannah says:

    "Great product, great customer service."

  • 5th Edition Action Cards

    This printable card set makes 5th edition rules a snap to learn! Fits in trading card sleeves.

  • Party Potions

    A guide to mixing 20 RPG-themed drinks with in-game effects for 5th edition. Alcohol not included.