Dice of Rolling

Dice of Rolling are a complete set of 29 polyhedral dice that are optimized for 5th edition and color-coded by type. This set will have you rolling all 8d6 for a Fireball in a single toss and grabbing the right ones every time!

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The Dice


4 d4 (Purple)

Great for hurtling a classic Magic Missile spell, and also for a handful of other spells like Acid Arrow and Vicious Mockery.


10 d6 (Orange)

We believe in one simple principle: rolling a Fireball should feel like a fistful of orange dice magnificently hitting the table all at once.


5 d8 (Black)

You'll be rolling several d8 for plenty of spells like Sleep, Shatter, Chromatic Orb, and even the Paladin's Divine Smite.


5 d10 (Teal)

Used for spells like Fire Bolt and Inflict Wounds, you may not need a lot of d10 early on. They'll come into play more for higher level spells.


2 d12 (Rose)

Mainly used for weapon attacks and high level Bardic Inspiration, you'll only need a couple d12. So why have more?


2 d20 (Blue)

Ah, the good old d20. Having a couple of them is great for rolling with advantage or for rolling multiple attacks at once.


1 d% (Yellow)

You only ever need 1 percentile die, but it sure is fun when you get to use it. Mainly used when rolling for loot or randomized effects.

About Us

Hi. We're Jon and Keni Hill, and we're gaming addicts. We're usually playing or GMing in several different campaigns at any given time. Keni also streams on Twitch, and plays in the Save or Dice "Fury" campaign on YouTube.




Action Cards

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Party Potions

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Does my class need them?

Classes that are able to cast spells will get the most use out of Dice of Rolling. If you only ever play a Barbarian, you'll do just fine with a regular set of dice. Some classes that don't cast spells can still benefit to a limited degree—such as Rogues due to their Sneak Attack requiring a lot of d6 at higher levels. New players will also benefit regardless of their class, due to all the dice being color-coded.

Don't some spells use more dice?

We’ve designed this set to handle the majority of dice rolls in one throw (no consecutive rolling), but a few spells still use more dice. If you really want to be able to roll the full amount of dice for Meteor Swarm and other high level spells and abilities, we have an easy solution: just buy two sets and double them up.

You're sold out!! Now what?

The demand for Dice of Rolling has been pretty high, and we've had trouble keeping them in stock at all times. If you catch us at a time when we're sold out, you can probably place a preorder for the next batch right here on the site. Also, feel free to email jon@diceofrolling.com with questions about when dice will be back in stock. I'll usually respond immediately.

Our Kickstarter is over and successfully funded with over $40,000 of pledges! You can buy Dice of Rolling on Amazon now!

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